the Inn " Altwirt" Lenggries

It is already about the year of 1469 that the “Tafernwirtschaft” of Lenggries was mentioned.


Tradition and Modernity
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Dear guests, Welcome in our hotel “Altwirt”. All of us – the Werner family together with their staff- will do what we can so that you’ll have a good rest here in Lenggries. Here you can study the history of our house: The Altwirt in Lenggries is one of the oldest inns of its kind in Bavaria. It is already about the year of 1469 that the “Tafernwirtschaft” (from Italian origin “tafern”) of Lenggries was mentioned.

the inn Altwirt Lenggries

From its beginning up to the year 1809, the Altwirt was in possessions of the different noble families in Hohenburg castle near Lenggries. In 1809, it became an inn in private ownership. The landlord and butcher Peter Pfund from Schwaz in Tyrol, who was very business-minded, purchased the estate. Especially thanks to Karl Pfund’s research into local history (he was born in Lenggries in 1842 as the eldest son of the owner of the Altwirt at that time, Karl Pfund senior), we can find many details in the archives of our municipality, documents which show the varied history of this house. Almost one hundred years later, the estate was purchased by the owner of Hohenburg castle at that time, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

In 1974, Georg and Helga Nickel bought the Altwirt. They modernized the venerable old house with loving care. Under the whitewashed top layer of the outer walls, the wonderful paintings were discovered again and restored. Thus the “Altwirt” presents itself again with its historical look: solid, massive, inviting. In 1999, their doughter Ursula married Robert Werner from Lenggries. Together they continue to run the historical “Altwirt” as her parents would have wished. For more than 500 years this house has been the “wordly” centre of our village, where the inhabitants of Lenggries, of the “Isarwinkel” have always met to enjoy company.

We hope that you’ll feel happy in our historical “Altwirt” and we’ll be very pleased to welcome you here as often as possible.

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